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Company profile

Company profile

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Chongqing Fire-fighting Equipment and Fireproof Material Market is located at No. 6 Huandao East Road, Nanpeng Town, Banan District, Chongqing, with a registered capital of 120 million yuan. It is a comprehensive enterprise integrating professional market construction, marketing planning, project investment, market operation and property management services.
Since its inception, the company has always implemented the business philosophy of "integrity-based, stable operation, mutual benefit, pragmatic innovation", based on the sense of responsibility of serving social fire safety and social stability, based on good reputation, adhering to the spirit of stability and development, realism and innovation, to provide customers with more comprehensive and better quality service. Business. Ambitious and enterprising. Faced with the dawn of the new century, we are proud, confident, self-reliant and united to firmly grasp the pulse of the times and catch up with the world trend. We are committed to providing customers with more comprehensive and high-quality service with the core values of "enterprise and the times advance together, enterprise and customer create value together, enterprise and staff develop together".
The company has a number of theoretical knowledge, practical experience and advanced technical personnel. The main management departments include administrative personnel department, law department, finance department, information department, planning department, marketing department, operation department, property management department and other functional departments. The engineers and technicians of the company have received strict professional training, have been assessed and have rich practical experience, and their technical strength can be rated as first-class. All departments have worked hard to build a specialized distribution base for fire products with distinct themes.
Faced with the constantly updated market environment and fierce competition in the market atmosphere, our confidence in building high-level projects remains unchanged, our original intention to build a first-class fire base brand remains unchanged, our goal of founding excellent and high-quality enterprises remains unchanged, we are based on high-quality services, the company is willing to cooperate with friends from all walks of life in good faith and hand in hand. Colleagues, seek common development, and carry out a grand plan together.