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Base management

Base management

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The project of fire warehousing logistics distribution base in Western China will implement the management mode of unified planning, unified management, unified cash register and unified service, and build a one-stop city complex integrating online and offline "city-type one-stop" fire shopping experience hall and fire safety product exhibition and marketing specialty; through the establishment of "1+1" model, build a one-stop city complex. Individual system (public service system), build a platform (logistics information service platform), provide professional property management services, integrated administrative services, business management services, business integration services, logistics and financial services, external public information services, internal business management information services, to meet the needs of resident enterprises. The need of market management reduces the cost of entering enterprises and improves the work efficiency.
After the completion and operation of the project, the Operational Management Center will join hands with CPGC to visit the enterprises and publicize the importance of brand building. On the premise of the owner's willingness, the enterprises that meet the requirements or have good momentum of development will be listed first in the list of recommendation for brand building and Cultivation in Chongqing. The cascade brand cultivation storehouse of fire protection products enterprises lays a solid foundation for the establishment of fire protection brands in Western China; cooperates with Banan Highway Logistics Base to promote the development and integration of service technology under the conditions of networking, personalization and virtualization of product market, and the application of modern warehousing and transportation technology, so as to form new logistics formats and industries; and assists enterprises. Industry export earns foreign exchange, enjoys government export subsidies (production subsidies and export subsidies) while opening up international market channels, reduces the price of export commodities, and strengthens its competitiveness in foreign markets; helps enterprises stationed at home and abroad to lay a platform for business contacts, which can bring together domestic and foreign businessmen with advanced scientific and technological productivity. Home, the introduction of high-tech, technological transformation is conducive to the integration of Chongqing and surrounding areas of product innovation, sustainable development, and integration with the world's high-level products.