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Company project

Company project

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Company project
In 2018, the company invested in the construction of a new "West Fire Warehousing Logistics Distribution Base" project in Chongqing Highway Logistics Base, combining with the national industrial policy, the layout of Chongqing's urban functions, the development plans of ten strategic emerging industries and the enterprise's own development plans. Previous market survey data show that the project is suitable for Chongqing and its surrounding cities. And the western part of the region has no fire safety products distribution professional complex, and in response to the "one belt and one road" national policy call, this project has attracted a large number of international and domestic large and medium-sized fire enterprises to take part in "one belt and one road", and the introduction of advanced technology and fire technology. The project can also show the concentration and exchange of domestic and international fire products. The construction of the project has very important significance and market prospects. It will help Chongqing to enhance its image as the only safe city demonstration area in the country.
The project has a total investment of 1 billion yuan, a total investment of 500 million yuan in the first phase, and a total construction area of 215,000 square meters. It integrates five-star office buildings, independent warehousing, street facades and large flat exhibition halls. It has a rich format and meets the needs of business transactions in an all-round way, forming a collection of fire safety goods warehousing, logistics distribution, fire products exhibition and fire protection. The system technology service supports the national fire safety product professional distribution base.
The project is an independent professional distribution base of fire protection, security and fire protection building materials products in the western region. Within Chongqing Free Trade Zone, it is the fifth generation of professional market which is positioned and planned according to the strategy of developing large market and promoting large circulation in Chongqing. Relying on the powerful logistics supporting network and advanced information supporting system, the project is built strictly in accordance with the requirements of "production into the park, trade into the base, unified management, centralized management, bill trading, fixed-point storage, professional distribution", and the implementation of standardized management and operation. The main functions of the project are display, transaction, warehousing, distribution and technical service of fire safety products, including professional warehousing, theme exhibition and marketing mall, logistics and distribution center. It also has product information consultation, online and offline goods display and transaction, logistics and distribution services. It will be based in the west, oriented to the whole country, transiting to Eurasia and Asia. The comprehensive procurement base of modern fire products in Southeast Asia. The main part of the project construction includes fire fighting equipment trading, fire fighting building materials trading market, security products trading market, fire fighting building materials exhibition and marketing center, e-commerce trading center, logistics distribution center, fire safety products exhibition and marketing center, fire fighting system design center.
At present, the project of fire warehousing logistics distribution base in Western China has been appraised as the key project of Chongqing by Chongqing Municipal Government and Banan District Government.