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Logistics distribution

Logistics distribution

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Chongqing has become the only mega-city in the western region with comprehensive transportation advantages of highway, railway, water and air. The average density of comprehensive transportation network and the density of highway network, railway network and inland river shipping all rank first in the western region. Chongqing has unique advantages of large volume and low cost of water transportation, thus realizing the seamless connection of land, water and air multimodal transport.


The Western Fire warehousing logistics distribution base will cooperate with well-known domestic and foreign logistics companies to provide high-quality, efficient, accurate and cost-effective logistics distribution services for the entrants to the project, so as to ensure that the logistic distribution needs of the entrants can be effectively solved in time and to develop the whole industry chain services suited to the ASEAN Free Trade Area. Trade will jointly promote the economic development and strategic ties between Southwest China and ASEAN countries, and realize the interconnection of "one belt and one road" and the Yangtze River economic belt, so that Chongqing can truly become an important international gateway hub in Western China.