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The Chongqing municipal government and the Banan district government have formulated preferential policies for taxation and othe

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The Chongqing Municipal Government and the Banan District Government have formulated preferential tax policies. They will actively participate in the promotion of logistics technology and equipment, support the infrastructure construction of fire-fighting enterprises and help enterprises reduce production costs. The project will work hand in hand with Chongqing Nanpeng Highway Bonded Logistics Center (B-type) to provide imported goods bonded for enterprises stationed in Chongqing. Warehousing, tax refund for export goods, temporary storage of bonded transit goods, collection and distribution of transit trade goods, cross-border e-commerce bonded reserve goods, simple processing of bonded goods and other services, which will play a positive role in improving the efficiency of capital use of enterprises, accelerating the speed of export tax refund, and developing overseas trade.
Enterprises operating on rental premises enjoy preferential rents (including material management fees) linked to taxes or exports. That is to say, at the beginning of each year, rent subsidies will be given at the end of each year in accordance with the actual amount of enterprise income tax and VAT paid or the export quota; various financial institutions will be recommended to carry out financing leasing business for enterprises, reduce the financing cost of enterprises through various preferential and subsidies, and introduce various types of finance. The company set up a green financing channel for key enterprises to solve the concerns of enterprise development.