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Head and face protection

I want to make an inquiry

Finish everything at any time and anywhere.

The OLED display screen is optimized, with high brightness and low power consumption.

Display related data, output relevant data, output power and voltage


Big smoke


High quality 

Smart chip

Honesty, sound management, mutual benefit and pragmatic innovation.




Chongqing fire protection building materials market


So much that one cannot bear to part with it

Simple and supreme design

Minimalism redefines simplicity


Comfortable feeling

Fit the palm of your hand.

Surprisingly small, playing at any time and anywhere in the palm.

Human body engineering design plan!

Why is it small

Unexpected big smog


Small volume smoky

Support 50W high power output.
Plentiful power

Multiple working modes

Multiple temperature air conditioning


temperature control

Support 100-350 C
Range constant temperature


temperature control

Equipped with DIY1 and DIY2.

Display quantity of electricity

Real time display of battery remaining capacity


Keep abreast of usage.



OLED component

It is made up of thin sheets 
Solid state screen has less power consumption than traditional LED 


OLED display function

It allows the electronics to produce brighter and clearer numerical parameters, ergonomics design.


The arc design is used.The appearance is more aesthetic in design.The handle is more delicate and smooth.

We create by heart.

In line with your critical eyes.​

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